What Does Obamacare-Lite Really Say About the Character of Paul Ryan?

House Speaker Paul Ryan introduced the establishment Republican version of “Obama-lite” earlier this year. Disappointing mostly all Right-wing constituents with its mere 66 page revision of the 3,000 page “Affordable Care Act.” Given the lack of action from the Republican controlled Congress, some pundits have eluded that Ryan my have introduced this Obamacare revision to purposely sabotage any attempt at changing it all together to avoid the political windfall in the coming 2018 elections. But if one takes a step back and analyzes Paul Ryan and his family’s history, the motives to his actions appear more bureaucratically sinister.

Ryan’s family arrived in Wisconsin prior to the Civil War. Ryan’s great-grandfather, Patrick William Ryan (1858–1917), founded an earthmoving company in 1884, which later became P. W. Ryan and Sons and is now known as Ryan Incorporated Central.  Ryan Incorporated Central made most of its early money from building railroads subsidized by the federal government. At the turn of the century, Ryan Inc. turned to road building. A subsidiary family corporation, Ryan Incorporated Southern, states on its Web site, “The Ryan workload from 1910 until the rural interstate Highway System was completed 60 years later [and] was mostly Highway construction.” The $119 billion spent by the federal government on the Interstate Highway System was, by one account, “the largest public works program since the Pyramids.”

So Paul Ryan comes from one of the most prestigious families in Wisconsin, who generated their wealth from taxpayer funded public works. Obamacare is a government forced monopoly of Health insurance. It now comes clear why Speaker Ryan does NOT WANT to repeal Obamacare, for the foundation of his perspective is based on the “good-ole-boy” network of government initiated transfers of wealth. Which is completely the opposite of the image Paul Ryan projects as a “fiscal Conservative.” So is Paul Ryan some kind of a soulless sociopath? One would have to analyze Ryan’s upbringing to find any clues for his deceitful behavior.

Paul’s successful attorney father, Paul Murray Ryan, died of an alleged heart attack when Speaker Ryan was 15. According to Speaker Ryan’s own accounts, his Father was sober for 20 years before he “slipped back into a pattern of whiskeys from the time he came home until the time he went to bed.” In a macabre description of his father’s death, Speaker Ryan writes in his book that he went looking for his father after getting a call from his father’s assistant, he rush into his parents bedroom and quote, “It was obvious I wouldn’t be able to save him… His heart had stopped and he was gone.”

Aside from his accounts of flipping burgers at McDonalds, washing dishes and waiting tables, he was left a partnership entity by his father after his death; the Ryan-Hutter Investment Partnership. A young Speaker Ryan was also setup with another partnership by his aunt, Ryan Limited Partnership. Both entities have supported Ryan during his stint at Miami University and later, his rise through the bureaucratic ranks of politics. So any employment Ryan took on was merely cosmetic for future ambitions. Ryan also claimed after his father died that his mother, Betty Ryan, had to go back to work out of necessity. But is one supposed believe that a successful lawyer didn’t have some kind of a life insurance policy(s)?

Ryan’s mother Betty is a very interesting story, for it seems as if she financially benefits from the death of men who marry her. Aside from being the widow of Paul Murray Ryan (and how ever much was inherited from him), Betty found a Navy veteran and insurance executive (Bruce Barlow Douglas) who had lost his wife in 1995. Not too long thereafter, Betty married Bruce Douglas until HIS untimely death in 2002. Once again, would a insurance executive not have a life insurance policy(s) that would generously benefit Betty (aside from his personal finances and property) in such a case? Let’s no forget that Betty Ryan “Douglas” also collects Medicaid and Social Security, for which Paul Ryan prominently stated “It’s what my mom relies on.”

All the info mentioned previous contradicts Paul Ryan’s working-class upbringing that he touted during his 2012 Vice Presidential bid. Which raises another question, why did Mitt Romney choose Paul Ryan as his running mate? Well, call it a coincidence, but Paul Ryan’s brother Tobin was a senior manager at Bain & Company, the consulting firm where Mr. Romney made his name. In March 1998, Mr. Ryan left Bain to become a vice-president at Imagitas. The company had been co-founded by Tom Beecher, another former Bain consultant which secured the $5 million from Bain Capital in June 2000. Small world, huh?

In conclusion, Paul Ryan does not represent the general American People and is completely disconnected from the REALITY of everyday Americans. His history is rooted in taxpayer funded, government distributed wealth. He should be removed as House Speaker for being the fiscal Conservative equivalent of Barack Obama; he will lie and hurt millions of People with contradictory policies and do it with a smile. Moreover, someone in law enforcement must investigate the mysterious deaths of both Betty Ryan’s husbands. The author of this article personally believes there is something nefarious here. Were there any toxicology reports? Autopsy?

So what’s the true motive of Paul Ryan and Obamacare-lite? I think after this article, the reader can make a common sense judgement call to that question…






12 thoughts on “What Does Obamacare-Lite Really Say About the Character of Paul Ryan?

  1. Ghost, this just proves that you must come back to put all the jackasses in their place. The Dems are sabotaging everything Trump try’s to do to Make America Great Again.


    1. It’s not just them who are the problem.

      Don’t lose sight of Cuckservative RINO’s of the Republitards as well…

      Keep pressuring these losers till they relent.

      Whether by trolling them through phone calls or e-mailing them 24/7 or even showing up at townhall/city meetings!

      Please do effectively and without a break/vacation consistently hold their feet to the fire and they will break!


    1. When is his next projected/planned appearance?

      I thought he said he is a little Oo wasted at the moment to put a proper show on for awhile?….


  2. I would like to believe this but to imply that Ryan’s father and stepfather were murdered needs ironclad proof. Not to say anything about his character though. His character isn’t so good and is not representative of the American people.


  3. Quite an in depth background into their family. Really makes one ponder about the history of the other governmental families. Good read.


  4. Ghost please do more TCR, I like reading your articles but, I like it more when I get to hear you voice your opinion! You haven’t done an episode in 2 months and I don’t know where to go for reliable information other than here and your gab, because the twitter trolls took down your account. Please come back I DON’T WANT THE GOOD FANS TO TURN TO THAT NUT CASE ALEX JONES, GHOST COME BACK WE ALL MISS YOU!


    1. At least that fear mongering Water filter salesman isn’t sellings’ass-producing Blue-pills/blatant propaganda to The American People like how Fox (Faux) News, [Notwithstanding semi-decent reporters like: Hannity/Tucker] CNN/CIANN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, KSPS, PBS, CBS, NYT, HUFFING ‘Paint’ POST, SALON, WASHINGTON POST/Compost, and of course the WASHINGTON JOURNAL/A.k.a. The Washington Urinal….

      That’s better than nothing….

      But yeah, even with Mr. Ghost’s antics, with his edge-lord style of redneck-like (Texan accented) speaking is a more listenable/credible host than that flip-flopping, constantly interrupting semi-performance artist.

      It would Definitely be best for General Ghost to get back on air, risk his cover/anonymity for broadcasting to the American public for the immediate current information/hybrid war front that is being waged by deep state/MSM Fake New Industrial Complex that is splitting into many different lines and converging on so many different fronts.

      Timing is of the essence now, and we need to Red-pill as many people as possible. And we don’t have much of it left since your President has officially gone on the Offence from his initial political defensive position.

      The midterms and everything before that, will be key for his political survival…


  5. What’s your take on John McCain’s health situation? I think I know where you stand, but would like to hear it from you personally.


  6. Hey Ghost, would you please consider posting an article on your thoughts on the recent Healthcare reform bill that was completely shot down by John “Turncoat” McCain? I think it goes hand in hand with what you’ve often said about these psychopathic bureacreats that internalize everything. You said “everything they bottle up inside themselves eventually is revealed THROUGH THEIR ACTIONS.”


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