My Thoughts on People with Cartoon Fetishes…

In yesterday’s broadcast, I kind of verbally assaulted a huge contingent of my fan base saying that “I will never be friends with adults who watch cartoons.” Now I understand that this is a broad-brushed statement, but you have to look at it from my perspective. EVERYONE that has given me a problem on the Internet (butt-stalkers, cyber tough guys, wanna be doxers, etc) have been active in cartoon fandom. This is a correlation that I can no longer ignore, nor can I palate.

This adult obsession with cartoons is a contributing factor to the immature personalities that seem to dominate modern males in America. It is not cute, fun or innocent! Cartoon fetished people seemed to have no shame of any kind, and seem to relish in the borderline pedophilia their fetish encompasses. They enjoy provoking disgust in others when referencing their cartoon fetish, and they validate their sick hobbies with other like-minded freaks they call a “community.”  And when these like-minded manchildren get together, its an utter cringefest!

Let me set the record straight, if you’re a Capitalist and this is what you like to do; then that’s your business. But don’t expect me to understand your perspective or try to convince me that what you are partaking in is normal. As you have the Right as a Capitalist to be a cartoon fetished freak, I have the Right to think cartoon fetished people should be on file at their local police’s vice squad unit. There’s NOTHING that will convince me otherwise.

Lastly, the reason it seems I have a vehement hatred for cartoon fetished people is because of MY PERSONAL experience with these tards. Their actions as individuals and/or as a group has shown me that when these freakshows get together, they are a danger to themselves and to society. Their cringe-based, manchild mentality knows no boundaries when in groups. And I personally feel that leaving any children (which is who cartoons are marketed towards to begin with) with these people would end in abuse; mental and/or sexual. I genuinely, from my personal experiences with these people, believe this with all my soul.

With that said, this is why I’ve been jaded on the show lately. I am disgusted that True Capitalist Radio is a magnet for these societal degenerates. It’s hard to keep the enthusiasm and ambition to continue to broadcast knowing that I’m providing entertainment to people I probably would spit on if I saw in real life.

So keep listening if you like cartoon freaks, but know that I really can’t stand you people because of your actions. In the scheme of things, watching cartoons is harmless. But how you sick idiots manifest it into an adult fandom is disturbing, Moreover, the mentality that the fandom generates is dangerous on a many different levels, especially for the children that are exposed to these people.

Just some thoughts,



5 thoughts on “My Thoughts on People with Cartoon Fetishes…

  1. I agree.
    The downside of knowing shit is that you lose the ability to enjoy life as people around you seem to become dumber and dumber.
    The people who say that the future will set you free are wrong. What sets you free and what makes you able to enjoy life is stupidity and ignorance.
    Sure, most people might believe that God is so nice and good, but at least they’re dumb enough to enjoy life.
    So for these people who enjoy cartoons and all this sick twisted crap, they’re too stupid to understand why and how it is bad for them and how evil it really is.
    But their justification is that they are happy and that people like you try to rob them of their innocence.
    I think the best we on the right side of things can do is to meet them half way by slowly infiltrating these cartoon channels with cartoons that aren’t as bad for them and get rid of these more evil cartoons such as My Little Pony, Regular Show, Adventure Time and Steven Universe.
    We need to replace these with cartoons that can actually help them evolve rather than to keep them stuck in this child-like state.
    It needs to happen fast though.
    And the way we need to do it is, we need to find people on right, and have as many of them apply for jobs within these tv channels and animation studios as soon as possible, climb to top positions and take over as fast as possible.
    I think the correct approach here is not to go against the cartoons, because that will only make us look like scumbags at this point. But to use cartoons as a weapon in order to get to them.
    Now. The question is. What type of cartoon will help them become adults and realize that they need to grow up. The answer (as I see it) is The Flintstones type cartoons, and Wait Till Your Father Gets Home.
    Looney Tunes won’t win them over, as that’s considered “inappropriate”.

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  2. I agree Ghost. These sick people need to grow up and get a job. If all you do is sit on your ass and watch cartoons and collect from the government for money. Trump is going to end it baby. Hahaha


    1. Personally, I don’t mind mlp. I don’t care that Ghost doesn’t like the show and I won’t force him to like it either. Btw, I actually work for the Government and raising a chihuahua puppy 😉 It’s a pity that it had to come down to this but I have to agree, the troll tactics have really gotten really messed up these days. The trolls used to be silly and made me feel better whenever I had a bad day.


  3. This online of the reason I have not been listening much like I would if these individuals would grow the hell up. I haven’t watched cartoons since I was like 8 or 9 years old. People who are in their 20s and 30s watching cartoons are sick in the head. Personally, keep broadcasting to those who actually care and if the trolls don’t stop, then start taking away the interactive parts of the show until they either get bored with it and leave or actually grow the hell up.


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