To All of My Haters!

For whatever reason, even though I give millions of dollars of information on True Capitalist Radio absolutely free, I have a very small contingent of people who hate me so much that they can’t stop listening (LOL). People who want to make my life miserable because their life should have ended years ago. But I hate break it to all of you HATERS, you’re doing exactly what I want you to do.

Someone who truly hates me wouldn’t exude so much energy in trying to gain my attention, nor would they be listening to my every word like obsessed fan-girl. And the funny part is, you all are helping me out by promoting my show while amplifying your hatred of me. No matter what you idiots think you are “doing to me,” I’m winning! Every time you listen, its money in my pocket. Every time you “troll” me you’re providing content for me (free of charge). Every time you insult me, it only draws the curiosity of others which has made me listener base grow tremendously.

And let’s say, for the sake of argument, that you all DOX me. Well then I’ll just start video broadcasting and make millions of dollars instead of thousands of dollars. I’m in the ultimate win/win situation. There’s nothing you trolls, losers and haters can do with your actions that doesn’t benefit me generously. So put your manchild dreams of grander out of your mental midget heads; you all have been cucked!

So in closing, thank you haters for making my broadcast popular, promoting my show with your hatred and making me some money. Cheers! Keep feeding me your energy; I LIKE IT!


P.S. Props to the Inner Circle, the Capitalist Army and the Capitalist Right!


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