Review: A Cryptocurrency Exchange That Allows You To Buy Commodities & Stocks?

After signing up for many different crypto exchanges, I finally found an exchange that fully gives the crypto investor the ability to diversify their investments beyond currency. The exchange is called Whale Club, and is a paradise for financial instrument diversification.

Whale Club allows you to sign up with only an e-mail (for all who are all about anonymity) and gives you the ability to deposit Bitcoin or Dash to use for trading. Once signed up, Whale Club gives you the ability to trade other cryptocurrencies, actual hard currencies, commodities (Gold, Silver, etc) and some blue chip stocks. Giving crypto investors the ability to trade like the big guys on Wall Street.

What I really like about Whale Club is their trading platform, providing up to the second charts and pricing. News feeds and a chat box is integrated into the platform which gives the investor an ear to the ground in such volatile markets. And of course, the ease of the trading platform allows for instant trade execution which is very important if you’re a high volume trader.

All in all, Whale Club provides financial tools and instruments that are ahead of the game from other exchanges. With the ability to roll over your crypto profits into other financial instruments, I had to write and tell everyone about it.

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This service is definitely for the serious trader who’s looking to trade frequently to gain liquidity in many different markets. If you’re a little hesitant, sign up for the practice trading platform to see if you have the skills. Good luck and keep Capitalizing.


One thought on “Review: A Cryptocurrency Exchange That Allows You To Buy Commodities & Stocks?

  1. Looks like you just wager your BTC or Dash on swings of all that shit. pretty cool i guess, made 30% on bitcoin pullback.