Ghost Decides It’s Time For A Break…

Well folks, I feel its about that time to take a break from True Capitalist Radio/The Saturday Night Troll show. This is not another 5 year hiatus, just a break from broadcasting every single day for the past year. I feel that I’ve provided enough content via podcast to move on to other things. I will still be active with my Inner Circle and other social media, but I will no longer consistently broadcast LIVE.

The reason I’ve decided this is because the show is attracting the bowels and degenerates of world society. My intention was to use the show as a format to inform while entertaining people. But it has since turned into a venue of morally bankrupt, socially immature people who use it as a platform for their own sick and demented purposes. I’ve made a conscious decision to no longer condone these groups of people.

I refuse to continue to use my time, effort and energy to provide content for groups of people that I really can’t stand IRL to begin with. The cartoon fetished, the mentally disturbed and the socially backward are all groups I had no intention of reaching. But for whatever reason, they are drawn to my content like flies to shit. So the only option I have is to halt the broadcast to show ALL these groups that they ARE NOT WANTED! I would rather end the broadcast than continue knowing that my content is entertaining people I personally feel are a burden and a danger to society.

This is not to say that I will be “gone.” I will start producing content on different platforms with a more serious approach. And I will still do spontaneous broadcasts from time to time. I will also be active with my Inner Circle in producing the business projects we’ve been discussing over the past year. But as far as daily LIVE broadcasts, I feel it’s no longer worth it. No one is politically serious after President Trump was elected and 2017 has shown the utter ignorance of BOTH sides of America’s electorate. It’s a sad sight to witness.

As I’ve stated in the past, watching a cartoon is inherently harmless.  But the culture the “fandom” cultivates is something I’ve had personal experience with for many years, and I’ve come to the conclusion that these people must not be condoned in any capacity. These people should be shunned, ridiculed and ostracized for such activity. Moreover, many of these people relish in the idea that their cartoon fandom borders on pedophilia. It’s really sick!

So in closing, I will continue to produce content on other platforms but I will no longer be doing 3 hour shows for 6 days out of the week. Meme magic is dead and the spirit we had in 2016 is but a small picture in the hallway of time.


15 thoughts on “Ghost Decides It’s Time For A Break…

  1. Gonna miss you Ghost. Thanks for the Year and Five months of great content. Been a fan since 2011 and I’m already looking forward to your next return. You needed a break for a long time if you ask me so enjoy it and come back to the airwaves once you feel better!


  2. What? Just yesterday you said the trolls were feeding you energy to expand TCR’s reach.

    You should reconsider. I suggest the following:

    Shorten the TCR show.
    Cut back or eliminate twitter shout-outs and radio graffiti. If you keep it, move it to the end of the broadcast.
    Lead show with news/politics. Take a couple calls. Then markets.


  3. I think a monthly review show would be nice. Or one every two weeks. 3*6~18 hours a week was a bit much. Plus you won’t get all that drama, not sure what the half life of a drama is , but it can’t last longer than a few days. If you do decide to take a long break, thanks for the time you spend man. Best radio show on the nets. Now you can relax and watch seinen anime in peace.


  4. Well, it’s been a fun year. A lot of things happened/changed and I agree with you. You need a break. The people who took your content seriously will follow you regardless. For the rest… well, they will probably join us, when something lolzy rocks the planet again.

    And speaking of lols… “When will we see you again?”


  5. Thanks for coming back for one last time for a serious cause…..

    First time listener as of Nov. 2016…

    (I however was aware of your past Archie’s broadcasts…. However after you left in 2012)

    All I can say to you Mr. Ghost;(Wish I could have the price life to know your real life name…. But I understand why you remain anonymous under the Ghost Alias)

    All I can say is this: Thank you for the cornucopia of knowledge that may lead me to a vault of plenty.

    And sharing what wisdom you had gained through your own life’s experience.

    It was all worth listening to… And Fun!😏

    I will try my damn hardest to put all you advised to Good and effective use.

    And hopefully with proper effort on my part, be one of those great capitalists you hoped to bring into reality across North America and the World.

    I have to say… You certainly have a steele will and ac lot of patience to continue in the presence of so many pompous, rude, pretentious, sociopathic, presumptuous, entitled, immature brats…..

    (If you want to Troll the Trolls the hardest, leaving is one way of doing it right, but bringing people like Raiden and co. to talk Live on all of your shows is even more effective option in my opinion.)

    And please Go Make America/U.S.A. Great Again with all the patriots of your nation and your awesome 45th President.

    Oh Proud Texan…

    I am looking very much forward to seeing what exactly is the Trump America that shall be built in the next 4-8 years…. (As well as Texas!)

    Слава Ghost/Дух! Слава Президента Доналд Трамп!

    And please (Capitalist Right) Go and Kick Tsar (Closet Globalist) Vladimir Гуйло’s/Dickhead the Third’s @$$ while your at it!

    And again, thank you so much for coming back to bring light in dark times!

    🇨🇦🇺🇦 😎👍🏻
    From Ukrainian-Canuck Capitalist ~ Hettman


  6. Good luck Ghost, and regardless of whether you come back or not, I want to say I enjoyed all parts of the show, even the cringe parts. It all went together to make for a very entertaining and informative format. There are plenty of people who took you seriously and appreciated your capitalist and life advice.


  7. Do what’s best for you, Ghost. Your return to TCR provided us (the REAL listeners) with more valuable insight and knowledge than we could’ve ever imagined. It’s because of your show your back in 2012 that I opened an online brokerage account and began trading stocks.

    And for every 1 troll trying to ruin the broadcast, there’s at least 20 listeners who take what you say to heart. Just know that your efforts were not in vain!


  8. It’s a bit of a bummer to hear, but I understand completely. After doing some digging around Youtube, it seems that you do get a lot more agitated by trolls nowadays. One difference in particular is that you used to read troll Twitter names with simple apathy (for the most part) instead of audible disgust/offense as you did post-revival. Hopefully this break will give you some time to calm down to where you can once again let the rude, personal, and “too soon” jokes roll off your back.


  9. Nothing last forever. Thanks for the good times Ghost. I never agreed with all of your opinions but I respected you and your views on capitalism and self reliance was spot on! I think you reached more people then you think. If you’re ever up in ATX again I got a beer with your name on it.


  10. I’ve been a long time lurker of your show Ghost and I want to thank you for getting me into the Crypto Market. The first hour advice has actually put me through school dept free from early investing I did back in 2015. Hope no matter what you do keep the markets because your prognosticating is the best on the internet. Cheers to Capitalism from a random listener.


  11. Sad to see you go. Been a follower for quite awhile now. Your show Gave me a laugh when I felt down and out about life.


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