Ghost Extends An Olive Branch To The Bronies

During my time off from the True Capitalist Radio show, I’ve had a lot of time to think about things. Recently, I’ve been on this rampage about Bronies, Anime and other cartoon fandom. The reason for this is because of non-stop trolling for a year straight by these folks, and how “some” (not all) of these cartoon people bask in how close their “fandom” is to pedophilia (its documented all over the Internet).  But since I’ve had a chance to contemplate, the rational side of me has finally set in.

The Bronies have been a part of the TCR listener base since 2009-2010, when it was nothing more than a 4chan meme that memed itself into reality. And frankly, they’ve been the most bizzare, annoying, yet most loyal fan base I’ve had for some time. Had to go back in time on the Internet to remember this. For example, here’s Tara Strong (voice actress from MLP) from 2012.

I saw this the other day and remembered that not “all” Bronies are sick freaks. I remembered Bronies as a socially inept people who found sociality under the umbrella of this fandom; and that’s how most of them genuinely were back then. But as with anything, time and “more people” turned the fandom into something that has tarnished the community into a pedo-like stereotype. And the influence of that stereotype has soured my perspective of Bronies, to the point where I am verbally bashing them on a consistent basis.

So I want to give an olive branch to the Brony fans of True Capitalist Radio who are not mentally disturbed or pedophiles. I understand that Brony fandom is intertwined with TCR fandom. This is my olive-branch! I, from now on, will attempt to refrain from painting the Brony and cartoon watching community with a broad brush. I know many of you are loyal fans and love the show, and I genuinely appreciate that!

I’m even willing to send True Capitalist Radio correspondents to this year’s Bronycon so we can have TCR representation; I’m not kidding! So I hope the TCR bronies and cartoon people of the show accept my olive-branch and continue to be loyal fans of the show.



10 thoughts on “Ghost Extends An Olive Branch To The Bronies

    1. If not for /mlpol/ merger on April 1, I would have never heard of TCR, being from a strictly political background. Only because of pony infiltration do I even know you exist.


    2. As long as you don’t start ‘neeighhhing’ and ‘clopping like a pony’ to appease them, I guess its (barely) tolerable.


  1. Believe me, when I say that when dealing with communities like the Bronies/Anime community, it becomes really hard to tolerate them every now and then. I never considered myself a Bronie so I don’t know how their community works, but when it comes to the Anime crowd it really does make someone like me extremely frustrated whenever you run into that one person who is so socially inept that it makes a hermit look like a social butterfly by comparison. However, I never let a few bad apple spoil the bunch and after five years of being a part of the Anime community, It is very safe to say that majority of people within said community are very friendly and know when to ease up on how serious they treat their Hobie/pass time.


  2. I really dislike calling myself a Brony after seeing the type of stuff some of them were doing on your show. The majority of bronies I have met are pretty normal people who just enjoy the show. I have seen an increased number of people who are pretty degenerate come to the fandom throughout the years. I think that is probably a given, considering something that consists mostly on the internet will begin to attract people who spend their whole lives on the internet.


  3. I can’t wait for Ghost to come back. He will have new perspectives on the world to share with us, this is just the beginning. I hope Ghost never loses his anger and hate he has towards a lot of the people on the internet, because its mostly deserved.


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