Will Ghost Ever Bring TCR Back?

I’ve been enjoying this time off, but I know I eventually have to come back and continue broadcasting at some point. I’m tentatively going to say that I will be returning July 4th 2017. So mark it on your calendars and tell everyone you know that True Capitalist Radio will be back.

Things may change a bit, I’m considering no longer being a “lo-fi” broadcast and begin to do the show with better sound. Moreover, I plan on simulcasting on multi-platforms to expand the listener base beyond the current demographics, and to give the listener more live audio options. Not to mention I plan on random LIVESTREAMS of some retro gaming, Bitcoin Poker and old movies (Mystery Science Theater-like). Lots of things in the works, and look forward to broadcasting again.

Also, we’ve got room in the Inner Circle for a few more serious members (very limited). Because the IC has cumulatively made tens of thousands of dollars in crypto in the past couple of months, we want members who know about cryptocurrency. So payments for IC membership will be purchase EXCLUSIVELY with cryptocurrency. Price is the same as last time $125 USD but in Bitcoin or Ethereum. If you are interested please send to the following addresses:

Bitcoin: 13Rrv7wdcp2ZJsmjJS8GF9MDsFVArmS2AE

Ethereum: 0x845b2A52533320fcE17Eeb45523A9dD2d5064581

Please send your transaction ID and e-mail address via the contact us form. We will e-mail you back w/ access to the IC chat and other perks.

Thank everyone for listening and appreciating the True Capitalist Radio show. We are the Internet underground!


P.S. Check out the True Capitalist Radio archive!


7 thoughts on “Will Ghost Ever Bring TCR Back?

  1. it’ll be great to have you back ghostie ol’ pal! In your absence i was forced to resort to info wars for alternate news with you out and about, but it’ll be good to know that BTR’s greatest radio host will return to spark up the capitalist revolution once more!
    Praise capitalism, death to leftism and all that other stuff!


  2. The lo-fi aspect of the show unintentionally puts a really cool effect on your voice. People are always really surprised when they hear you via pal talk or through other mediums. The distortion gives your voice a really powerful quality. If you could run your voice through that lo-fi distortion but still make the rest of the show higher quality without it being a pain in the ass, that would be an exciting improvement to the show. Looking forward to the new and more serious broadcast with side content for fun. All the best and have a good one.


  3. Good to hear ghost,

    My recommendations – keep the market portion on topic ; i.e. you don’t need to reiterate every day how coin mining works, if people are interested they can check the archives. Stick to the prices. If you’d like to elaborate more, you could focus on the technology and infrastructure of new coins you list out, or just plain old technicals.

    Overall, I’d argue a 2 hour podcastis more sustainable in terms of new topics/content to discuss.

    Keep up the good work, looking forward to your return.



  4. Hey, Ghost;

    It’s good to hear that you’ll be coming back. I know the schedule of TCR has been grueling for you. Here’s what I’d suggest when you return so you don’t burn out again: Do a two-hour TCR (first hour, financial; second hour, news) Monday through Thursday – no shoutouts, no Radio Graffiti, and very limited, if any, calls. Then turn Baller Friday into the Troll Show – do a full three hours that day, just like the Troll Shows you did the last few weeks before the break. Then take the full weekend off. Or, if you find that you still have the itch to do some radio on the weekend, I’d be pretty happy to see you do a dedicated weekly Cryptocurrency Review show. You wouldn’t even have to do it live – you could just record it and post it sometime on Saturday.

    Anyhow, I hope you consider the ideas, and I’m looking forward to having you back.


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