Rob Stone Brings “Gangsta” Back To Rap

San Diego rapper Rob Stone has taken the pussified rap scene by storm. In the day and age of dress wearing “gangsta rappers” like Young Thug, its refreshing to see someone in the rap game acting like a man again. Now I must admit, I am a violent person in real life; so I champion the recent actions by Rob Stone against rap adversaries.

Rob Stone’s legend begins with rapper Ski Mask The Slump God. Stone was touring with Slump God and during several shows, Slump God refused to leave the stage during Stone’s performance. Slump claims that Stone decided to performed during his performance time, but Stone took it as disrespect. As a result, Rob Stone had to put Ski Mask the Slump God in his place.

As you can see in the video, Slump God lived up to his name once Rob Stone was through with him. But it doesn’t end there. After Ski Mask the Slump God was humiliated by Stone, Slump God’s friend (and fellow rapper) XXXTentacion decided to beef Stone. XXXTentacion released many different Instagram threats and rants at Rob Stone in response to the knockout of Slump God.

Unfortunately for XXXTentacion, Rob Stone is no studio gangsta and didn’t take lightly to the threats. So, as many of you can already imagine, Rob Stone dealt with XXXTentacion. Below is a video of XXXTentacion attempting to disrespect Stone by performing in his hometown; this was the result.

After XXXTentacion got knocked the f*ck out at his own concert, XXX decided to continue to run his gator and even tweeted out Rob Stone’s address. But something tells me that XXXTentacion is going to have more episodes in his life like the one seen in the video. But I’ve learned that some people never learn until their life is literally on the line. Aside from Rob Stone knocking other rappers out, he actually makes some fire music. I gave up on rap when the Houston scene died (Dj Screw, Mike Watts, etc), but after discovering Rob Stone because of his street work, I am a big FAN! Below is his latest video “Rolling Stone.” I’ve been bumping this song all week!

In conclusion, I think we need more Rob Stones in this pussy-whipped world. With the advent of the Internet, EVERYONE thinks they can talk trash. But I think if people asserted Rob Stone tactics on trash talkers (haters, trolls, bronies), many would think twice before disrespecting. So thank you Rob Stone, I hope more people use your methods of shutting people; I know I am!



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