Twitter Suspends Ghost For Saying the Term “Poz-Hole.”

It seems as if Ghost has found the kryptonite of words for Liberals in modern-day America; “poz-hole.” It seems Jack and his fruity team at Twitter can’t seem to stand this term; does this mean most of the staff at Twitter is infected with the AIDS? This is a serious question, for I have noticed a pattern with People with HIV/AIDS. It seems, through mere observation, that people with HIV/AIDS need to be reevaluated mentally; they are a danger to society in more ways than one. And that’s the reason the term “poz-hole” is being censored by those with AIDS/HIV in positions of power and/or influence.

Let’s just give you a few examples. First one that comes to mind is Black Lives Matter leader, DeRay McKesson (good friend of Jack from Twitter). Deray once compared fighting HIV/AIDS to Black strife and is a HIV/AIDS activist himself. Only folks I know that are active in such activism are usually infected the virus. Moreover, Deray McKesson’s activism has resulted in him using Black Lives Matter as a tool of Black self-destruction by instigating rioting and destroying its own communities. He purposely travels the country doing this to communities he doesn’t even reside in. Why would a “Black activist” inspire the destruction of his own People?

Second “poz-hole” that comes to mind is Democrat operative Scott Foval, who was exposed by Project Vertias for organizing riots & violence (aka birddogging). Foval has been open about being “poz” for 8 years in a piece he wrote for HuffPo in 2011. So why would someone infected with a deadly disease have no problem hurting other people? What in Scott Foval’s AIDS infected head makes him believe that this is acceptable behavior?

Other “poz-holes” that comes to mind are the Liberal lunatics who were caught inside of Comet Pizza (of all places) by Project Veritas planning a terrorist attack on a Trump inaugural event. Below is a video of these “poz-hole” terrorists.

I could probably keep listing “poz-hole” examples, but I think you get the point. Hurt people, hurt people! And I think America needs to have a dialogue about people with AIDS/HIV, and whether or not they’re mentally fit to hold ANY position of leadership and/or authority. We, as a society, need to come to grips with the reality that AIDS/HIV affects the brain in those infected and America must shine light on this FACT!

Now I know the organized LGBTQ movement (who are now promoting sex to children) will say that this blog is “hate speech.” But I can tell you “poz-holes” this, my words could never damage the world like a group of “poz-holes” who are blaming the world for taking bad meat in the can. Many people who are HIV/AIDS infected are using the virus like a slow ticking suicide vest, trying to take as many people down with them. And if one analyzes most “poz-holes,” you’ll find similar patterns mentioned previous.

So, in closing, the term “poz-hole” is the new taboo word on the Internet! Is it because Silicon Valley mostly have HIV/AIDS? And even if they do, what are they hiding? It’s time America starts talking about this genuine danger to our country.

11 thoughts on “Twitter Suspends Ghost For Saying the Term “Poz-Hole.”

    1. You can get banned just for saying someone’s name. It happened to me! If you go on Twitter right now and Tweet the name Brian Podesta #BrianPodesta. You will get locked our of your account/banned in less than an hour. I am not exaggerating either.

  1. I really hope this bullshit doesn’t keep Ghost from coming back to TCR. Twitter is turning into an echo chamber for liberals and we need someone who isn’t going to back down from the truth.

  2. Well don’t let Twitter hold you down ghost. Don’t let them shut you down. Start up a new account and voice your opinions. Your ghost army is all ears.

  3. Well this is something else Mr. ghost….

    Congratulations on your investment of finding effective ways of triggering an exposing these AIDS infected Retards!

    Find a way to smack there gestapo back down their Poz-holes! And twist the knife like you did will Shillary/liberal’s and you’ll win this battle, plus set a good example of the AIDS Poz-holes.

    Oh and it does bare repeating that it is overdue to get bareknuckled with Poz-holes on both political aisles! (Both online and offline!)

    I pray for your victory over these Fruity Poz-holes!

    1. I don’t have a Twitter account, as I don’t want to give that liberal echo chamber any credibility!

      But on the other sites I will fight for Ghost’s right to speak on any Internet platform! (Granted he didn’t violate any fundamental site rules/policies)

      He may not be a pure conservative speaker, but he’s an unabashed Capitalist/Mercantilist, a fighter, and real patriot!

      We need more patriots in this ever increasingly Godless world….. [At an astronomical and very entropic rate!]

  4. You should postpone your comeback for a month. Getting banned from Twitter and humiliated on national TV by Megyn Kelly. You deserve the time to recover from this 3rd degree burns.