Ghost’s Official Social Media Is

Since Twitter banned me for life because I created and used the term “poz-hole,” I’m officially announcing my new social media outlet as Not only has Gab verified my account, but they have been very gracious in their acceptance of the True Capitalist Radio audience. So if you haven’t gotten a free account with Gab, then get one so we can finally put Twitter in the poz-hole graveyard where it belongs.

I want to let everyone know that I DO NOT HAVE ANY Twitter accounts! Any account on Twitter claiming to be me or affiliated with the show is completely bogus. Moreover, I’m kind of glad not to be on Twitter anymore. Not only was it a Leftist circle jerk, the amount of mentally disturbed and loser people was immense on Twitter. Gab has its fair share of trolls, but there is a genuine demographic of serious political folk on this medium. Which is something I definitely appreciate.

So once again, is my official social media outside Ghost.Report. I will not affiliate myself with any other social media. Any accounts at any other social media are fake and gay.



4 thoughts on “Ghost’s Official Social Media Is

  1. while i dispise twitter, unfortunately twitter and facebook remain the biggest congregation of normies on the internet. so i will remain mostly there to drop redpills amongst the retards


  2. Welcome to Keksteross General Ghost…. (What’s the next strategic online/offline move to do from here on out, General?)

    And if you ever manage to get the privelidge to infiltrate the liberal hell-hole of Twitterstan ever again, keep triggering the X-tards with poz-hole and other full blown truth! (Like Project Veritas)


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