Ghost Got Too Wasted To Broadcast on the 4th of July

I know many of you were expecting a show on July 4th since I’ve taken a break from conducting broadcasts. But I am ashamed to admit that I’ve fallen off the wagon and conducted myself in copious amounts of drinking to celebrate America’s birthday. I’m starting to become aware of alcohol becoming an issue in my life. I’m not trying to sound like an attention whore, but I need to acknowledge the obvious.

Alcohol is meant to be a substance of occasional adult leisure, but I am starting to notice that I don’t feel like I’m having a “good time” unless I’m buzzed and/or drunk. This is something that I’ve become recently self-aware of, and I can’t let it continue. Moreover, I know that many young people listen to my broadcast, and I’m unwittingly promoting this type of self-destructive behavior to them. Which is not my intention what so ever.

So with that said, I am going to extend my break for a little bit longer, for I need to deal with the issue at hand. I’m not stupid, I know I will never quit boozing. But I need to be an adult about it before it becomes a very serious issue in both life and in health. So my sincerest apologies to all those expecting the show, but I have to deal with this issue on my own.

Don’t worry, I will be back. But I can not be someone who is trying to promote bettering one’s self, while I need to do “bettering” of my own. I love all those who listen (even the haters), you are what keeps me believing that I actually matter. For the majority of the people in my real life are only there for what I can materially give them.



27 thoughts on “Ghost Got Too Wasted To Broadcast on the 4th of July

  1. buy some kratom ghost, i heard it helps have fun without the booze. mine gets here on friday, gonna try it. i too am alcohol.


  2. Hope to see you back sooner than later.
    A whole lot of missed opportunities are flying by the broadcast. So much has happened since the break that would have been worth discussing on the show.

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  3. When you ingest Psilocybin and other entheogens (inappropriately classed by the oversized government and pharmaceutical industry) the addiction for alcohol and other substances disappears almost immediately. This world is very strange. Very strange, indeed.


  4. Its a shame, your insights and highlights on current events are useful and entertaining and there’s a generation of young minds out there waiting to hear you once more. Just take it easy and hope to hear from you soon man.


  5. Ghost, we all want what’s best for you. You need to only have at most 10 beers a day and about 4 shots of whisky. Now get back on your broadcast and take radio graffiti like a true transman.


  6. There’s nothing to be ashamed of here Ghost. We all have our personal challenges of some sort or other. With the state the world is in right now it’s very tempting to try to numb oneself to it. There’s nothing inherently good or bad about drinking — only the consequences, that you may or may not prefer. If you really want to drink go ahead, and if you fall off the wagon, don’t feel bad about it or feel that you have ‘failed’. Let the hangover/unpleasant effects the next day do that for you. Maybe you will get sick of it and lose the urge to drink, but in the mean time don’t be down on yourself.


  7. I have missed being able to listen to your broadcasts at work – especially with political/world news (e.g., what your thoughts on the WWE CNN gif Trump retweeted that CNN bitched and moaned about, if your thoughts on it had correlation with the Kurt Eichenwald gif as it relates to memes/trolling).

    I feel you on that beer/liquor happiness stuff; usually in the moment I can push my limit but the worst part, outside of health, is realizing that stopping sooner when you get a good buzz going saves you money and a headache.

    Take care Ghost, do what you have to do to do.


  8. Just drink non-alcoholic beer, wine(if it exists), clear label (the non-alcoholic version of blue-label).
    Especially with beer they are getting better and better with making it taste like the real stuff. At least in Europe.


  9. How I see it: You didn’t come into the world needing alcohol to be happy, somewhere along the way you created that need. I’m sure you know alcohol is a depressant, and your body/mind has been conditioned to think alcohol will make you happy, and maybe it does while you’re drinking, but it is also making you depressed when you aren’t drinking, which inevitably leads you to your next drink and the cycle continues. I hope you can break the cycle because you don’t deserve that abuse. Alcohol is nothing precious… you can free yourself from it and be happy again, just like when you were a child and didn’t need to drink to enjoy living. Take however much time you need to take care of yourself, I hope you find liberty.


  10. I must say, Ghost, that while I heavily disagree with you and often get on your nerves, I am glad you took the time to explain your absence, as well as talk honestly and seriously about alcohol and health. Despite any shit I said about you or your politics, I don’t want to wish any actual injury or death on you, man. That’s just going too far, even for me. If you ever need help for any of this, don’t be afraid to get it. Take however much time you need, as everyone else here basically said.


  11. Just get a wizard bong and start smoking weed with Gandalf like everyone else. The worst thing that could happen is that you end up going to waffle house for a third breakfast.


  12. you doing everything in your power to not fall off the wagon and you win my full respect for that ghost. I’ll still be waiting for fo the day you come back so please take your sweet time and best of luck to you.


  13. Aww it sucks that you’re not coming back for a while longer but your health comes first. Can’t wait to listen to you again. Love you Ghost!


  14. You know, under a single payer system you would get free help for your alcoholism and it wouldn’t be held against you as a pre-existing condition.


  15. (Facepalm)😑

    Mr. Ghost….. REALLY??!…..{[SMASHING_GLASS.WAVE]}


    Don’t give us gullible youth/young men/Woman any more (proven) bad ideas!


    Now that rant has been said and done…

    If your claim IS the God-given truth…
    Then I do legitimately hope this specific day was well worth the celebration of the United States of America’s [Independence Day], as well as the fact that most of the State’s are slowly but surely finally getting back into their own 2 feet for once in my breathing lifetime. (Though I wish the same could be said for California and Illinois….)

    (And I assume you celebrated fully, without a care in the world, and without restraint?)

    …..I guess just not inteligent or wise enough to understand this world I happen to live in.

    I guess in the end, I do indeed need More patience in my life after all…

    Prayers for a sober body an soul. For without clarity, all is lost in life and eternity… (Understanding wise that is*)


  16. Ghost, Don’t let the trolls get to you, Try drinking soda instead! Whenever I feel down I drink a Ginger Ale, don’t try Canadia Dry because it’s fruity. I’d suggest Vernors. It’s difficult for me to get because I live in Arizona. My Uncle is a Truck Drivers so I get some when he delivers to WalMart. The taste has a nice kick to it as well! Keep being a great role model Ghost, I know you can do it ~☆


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