Ghost Goes on One Last Weekend Alcohol Binge

Okay, this is it! Today will be my last day of sipping on the sauce for a very long time, for I need to get my health in order. I’ve been a heavy drinker for many years, and now I’m feeling the physical damage it has done to my body. The reason I drink is the same reason people pop psychotropic drugs, the difference is that I’m still in control of my mind while under the influence of alcohol. The problem I will have in my quest for long-term sobriety is the mental replacement for the substance.

The world is a very depressing place, for this reality is based on one living organism killing and eating another organism in order to survive. The premise of this reality is evil and barbaric, so trying to find elements of “goodness” is almost impossible. Hence, why they majority of Western civilization are popping “happy pills.” Just look into peoples’ eyes in the West, you will see dilated pupils from the concoctions of legal drugs which are the true cause of most premature deaths.

Moreover, psychotropic drugs, combined with propaganda, are being used to subjugate and coerce the people into their own serfdom. Below is a 1958 interview with Aldous Huxley describing the future of dictatorships. His description has an uncanny resemblance to the present day.

So as you can see, my rational for boozing is somewhat legitimate. The problem? The physical damage it has done to my body that I can no longer ignore. My issue will not be to stop boozing, but how to view this cold-hearted world without alcoholic lenses.

Don’t worry, I will be back! Until then, be sure to check on Ghost.Report or my social media account for updates and commentary on current events (and finance). If you have spare time, check out the True Capitalist Radio Archive to hear the prognostications from the past which are NOW COMING TO PASS! Thank you ALL!



16 thoughts on “Ghost Goes on One Last Weekend Alcohol Binge

  1. Ghost, in due cause we anticipate the best for your future. From both Capitalists and Trolls, we give high hopes for your triumphant return.


  2. Alduous Huxley took a lot of mescaline and LSD and woke up to the truth of this world. His book The Doors of Perception is a masterpiece. A true visionary. Wish he was here today.


  3. Good luck, Ghost. Try to find a harmless replacement.
    Maybe a bit of weed or something? I don’t know, just try to find something that doesn’t ravage your fucking liver.
    Just try to recover and come back as soon as you can.

    We need True Capitalist Radio around again.
    Styxhexenhammer666 has been a good substitute for your broadcast, but we need the real deal again.
    So much shit has been happening that’s passing the show.


  4. Don’t let the heaviness of human life bother you too much, Ghost! Nature is your friend, for it judges not, it only supports.


  5. Ghost, I noticed that the focus of your alcoholism is the bleak worldview you hold. Perhaps you should focus less on how every creature must kill or be killed, and more on other mechanics of the universe.
    Consider the world in terms of its massive productive and aesthetic potential, just waiting for capitalists like us to seize it.


  6. I know I make a lot of jokes and, yes I do consider myself a troll at times, but in all seriousness I support you 100% in this. Having a brother with a severe drug problem, I know what addiction can do to a body.


  7. Well I do have to say Aldus was way….. Ahead of his time…

    Infact he and George Orwell pretty much prophesized the coming modern faschist/Communist NWO society/world of today to F##king T!

    They were pretty much, one of the biggest modern day prophets of the 20th century of the 21st Globalist century…..

    I’m glad you brought this guy up to the neophytes that surround you.

    But it disappoints me that you let most of those Useless Trolls over the year, get so under your skin, so easily.

    And don’t think you can get off an addiction (of any kind) alone.

    Once you have it. Like cancer, it’s with you (The Cravings) till the day you die.

    And the only thing you can do help yourself with your mind is; To really roughly quote the venerable Bishop Fulton Sheen on the Mind and the diabolic: “You cannot get rid of or destroy the diabolic once you let it in your mind, you can only crowd out the devil’s temptations with other thoughts/competing ideas.”

    Never let Agent 666 (In all his shapeshifting forms) into life because after that, you’ll need constant 24/7 help from someone who’s willing to go the extra mile to help keep you together when your at your weakest. (Mentally speaking)

    And you know… Such people are in low supply and are a dying breed.

    Though prayers to the Lord Jesus Christ, the son of the living God; For a successful rehabilitation from this awful vice of yours.

    As well as I hope you find someone charitable enough to keep you together especially when the temptations come.

    I sincerely hope your wife will act as a Strong pillar for you to lean on/As in, supporting you in those long arduous moments of great weakness/relapse when you most need it.

    God be with you Mr. Ghost.

    I hope you make it back to the podcast to do what you always do pretty well at; and that is to trigger the hell out of the Leftist special snowflakes around the world.

    HAH! It’s fun sport!


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