White Nationalism = Socialism

Why are Antifa and White Nationalists "fighting" each other when both sides want the same thing? Socialism! When confronted with this obvious contradiction, White Nationalists have created terminology in an attempt deflect this question; the "Horse Shoe Theory." Much like their favorite defense mechanism in debate, "the Jew;" the Horse Shoe theory provides enough rhetorical … Continue reading White Nationalism = Socialism

The Majority Of Crypto Investors Are Pussies!

It's become so predictable! Any bad news or slight sign of negativity, crypto investors run away like a wide-eyed "spectrum brat" scolded for their Autism. This is an unfortunate side-effect of a new form of economics birthed via technology. Nerds, dorks and socially warped neck beards comprise the majority of the cryptocurrency markets, bringing emotionally … Continue reading The Majority Of Crypto Investors Are Pussies!