Top 7 Tippers on The Ghost Show / Saturday Night Troll Show

I first want to personally thank everyone who tips/donates to “The Ghost Show” and/or “The Saturday Night Troll Show.” Even though many of you tip to make a complete mockery of my work, I genuinely appreciate the support. Below is a list of the top 7 tippers of the show since the beginning. I will e-mail each of the names below for a mailing address (optional) to mail them an unreleased Ghost autograph as a small token of my appreciation.

  1. “Can Abuser”
  2. “GhostsObamaWheelchair
  3. “Knickers”
  4. “Dark Meme Magician Girl”
  5. “Jackler”
  6. “Cheesey Willie”
  7. “Captain Deci”

Once again, I would like to thank EVERYONE for tipping the show(s); even if you’re a troll trying to make my show look like a damn circus sideshow. Cheers to everyone that listens, and remember to spread the show(s) around like wildfire! Cheers baby, cheers!


P.S. Be sure and subscribe to my “back-up” YouTube channel by CLICKING HERE!


8 thoughts on “Top 7 Tippers on The Ghost Show / Saturday Night Troll Show

  1. >tfw the trolls donate more money then the brown noser’s in the chat/IC. Really shows your fans Ghost.

  2. Ghost you better add me on that List also it’s funny that the trolls donate more than the IC members.

  3. Seems you’ve forgotten about your own backup channel. Dance for our shekels, you toothless cripple.

  4. How about updating the site to let us know why you ain’t streaming lately? Or is that 2 minutes of typing too much of a workout for you?

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