Poetic Modernity

This life is not a gift, its a punishment from the Creator While evil beings shape-shift, Doctor death kills with a ventilator   Man made disease and viruses plague, as the war machine preps for mass killing Science creating the artificial egg, while recoding the DNA of the unwilling   Murdering and eating is a … Continue reading Poetic Modernity

No Saturday Night Troll Show Tonight, Rescheduled to Sunday!

Just to let everyone know that there is no Saturday Night Troll show this evening because I HAVE to watch tonight's UFC Conner McGregor fight. But don't talk garbage just yet, I will do a rescheduled show this Sunday, July 11th at 9:00pm CST on DLIVE! It will be more of an Internet Tom Foolery … Continue reading No Saturday Night Troll Show Tonight, Rescheduled to Sunday!

Anti-Globalist Prose

We need to have an intellectual renaissance among the Human race Will the powers that be stop poisoning us in that case? Defeat seems imminent amidst the current morale Globalism and its arrogance is the tool for exploitation And then the Enlightened will defeat the darkness Humanity will then understand the deception Will the masses … Continue reading Anti-Globalist Prose

Save Us – By Ghost

Some say simps sour social schools Sad sight seeing sluts "slay" sanctity Society sulks as Satan savors scrambled souls Selective secular shysters sell sick situations Symbolism scripts sorcerous seals Secretly sedating seduced strangers Subliminally sodomizing susceptible psyches Sinful sideshow sex soils solitary sons Soy spectacles surround spectrums Cellular speech sows spineless sanctuaries Subconsciously slowing simple … Continue reading Save Us – By Ghost

“Moar Beer” – By Ghost

I need some moar beer! Make this clown word disappear Evaporate all the tears Extinguish all the fear I need some moar beer! Make things not as they appear My thoughts you may commandeer Until reality reappears I need some moar beer! Yet another astronomical year The past's present is a souvenir Left with emotions … Continue reading “Moar Beer” – By Ghost