The Ghost Show Officially Comes Back This Thursday Night!

I know that many of you have wondered when “The Ghost Show” is coming back LIVE. Well wait no further! “The Ghost Show” will be back this Thursday 04-06-2023 at 9:00pm CST. Many People have “Good Friday” off, so I know there will be plenty of you available to steal the night with me. Perfect time to have an all night show.

As I’ve said many time throughout last year and this year, I physically can’t do 9+ hour shows on a consistent basis anymore. So we will have to discuss a new schedule for “The Ghost Show” on Thursday night. Moreover, you trolls need to leave my other show on YouTube, “True Capitalist Radio,” the hell alone or the days of “The Ghost Show” could be numbered.

There are many People who appreciate my serious content, and you trolls are ruining my True Capitalist Radio show with your BS! So please refrain from making TCR your trolling playground, PLEASE!

I hope I’ve been clear and I hope you all understand. So I hope to see you all there this Thursday night!




P.S. ModernPeasant, b4KAAAA b#kkkAAAA, ProlapsePete, Flamesweregolfing, GhostTranspacificWaifu,Al Chappers, Santa, Haywood, Schwami; I haven’t forgotten about your videos and will show them this Thursday! Cheers!

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