The Ghost Show Comes Back Regularly Thursday Night 9:00pm CST

I know many People have been wondering when “The Ghost Show” will be coming back. Well, we’ll be coming back this Thursday night 9:00pm CST. After this show, I will commit to a “Ghost Show” 3 times a week but the show CAN NOT go over 6 hours a show. No exceptions!

I hate to reiterate once again that I CAN NOT do 9+ hour shows ANYMORE! So if there are ANY VIDEOS after the 6 hour mark, they will be rolled over into the next Ghost Show. This is the only way I can truly commit to doing shows and abide by the Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday night schedule.

So let this post put EVERYONE on notice that “The Ghost Show” will NOT go over 6 hours (maybe 7 on occasion). Please respect this!

Moreover, I know I owe lots of videos and I will make them ALL up this Thursday night. Cheers to Schwami, Canadian Prince, GhostTranspacificWaifu, Haywood, K9volt, proudbaddragon69, ProlapsePete, Alex Chapman AKA Al Chappers, Capitalist chris, GhostLovesAnalSausages, Flamesweregolfing and Mama Lugi for their patience and donating videos for this Thursday night’s show.

Hope to see you all this Thursday, and this will be a Summer to REMEMBER!



One thought on “The Ghost Show Comes Back Regularly Thursday Night 9:00pm CST

  1. No kidding, if these trolls are donating anymore videos while you ending the show, save the videos for the next ghost show so that none of them keeping you up all night and abusing your voice, energy, and even the mindset for the future True Capitalist Radio livestreams, and I also why not create a new stream elements account under the new name if you really want to get rid of the donation alerts, and speed skipping the stupid donations contains any form of discrimination that nobody really cares about it. Just giving you the additional 411 on the future appropriate changes for the ghost show and TCR.