“Where To Vent Your Frustration” – By Ghost

At the paid talking head deceivers in the box of moving pictures White coats who are reengineering the code of Man Race hustlers exploiting strife to live in White towers Fiber optic overlords who control the language Sold souls who are material to Frankenstein systems Those who profess to educate schools of youth DNA receptacles … Continue reading “Where To Vent Your Frustration” – By Ghost

Bad News About Pinochet and Margret Thatcher

I know everyone is going to be pissed off and call me a piece of crap and all that, but please hear me out for a second. Today was the day that I was going to introduce Pinochet to his new friend Margret Thatcher. Mrs. Ghost and I were very excited about adding the new … Continue reading Bad News About Pinochet and Margret Thatcher

Update on LIVE “Ghost Shows”

I first want to apologize to all for the sparse LIVE shows this month, but a lot of things have made this month very stressful for me. Moreover, I've been burning the candle at both ends and its been physically and mentally draining. First, my voice has been crapping out on me recently and I've … Continue reading Update on LIVE “Ghost Shows”

“The Magic of Time” – Ghost

Time is the ultimate magician Turning innocent children into empty and bitter old curmudgeons Turning civility into unbridled anarchy Turning common sense into insanity   The magic of time casts collective spells Leaving motivation broken into jagged shards Leaving the masses cutting themselves on the rough edges Leaving nothing but memories of pain stained in … Continue reading “The Magic of Time” – Ghost

New Official Streaming Location Beginning Tuesday

It looks like yours truly is getting persecuted by the censorship of big-tech because I refuse to be politically correct. DLive has suspended my streaming privileges for a week, which pretty much means they are priming me for a complete ban if we continue to do what we do. As a result, we're going back … Continue reading New Official Streaming Location Beginning Tuesday