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Aussie News Thread

Despite being just 2.8% of the population

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I saw the women in a child care subsidy rort story. I'll also give you three guesses as to the kind responsible.




Give up? Fuckin' Lebos of course. Knew that before I even read the story in full

Gday cunts,

In the news today, a possible freedom of movement situation with Britain. Meaning that potentially Britons will be able to come live and work here in straya without any visa or other arrangements and vice-versa.

Also, fuck right off @hambalone.



Check this out, talk about a hatchet job

I think Paul did a good job, he was nervous, and who wouldn't be? An Aussie journalist got a 5 minute interview with President Trump who wouldn't shit their pants at the thought of fucking it up?

Left wing garbage as usual from

The drought is taking its toll with Dubbo set to run entirely out of water in the upcoming months. In the meantime, they are enforcing level 4 water restrictions.

This woman is basically the only good politician

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Well, between her and Fraser Anning we'd do okay.

Mark Latham isn't too bad either now he's seen the light

Ladies and gentlemen, FUCK MELBOURNE.

You're dammed right FUCK MELBOURNE, that leftist Daniel Andrews has come up with this piece of work.

Which is virtually ATSIC 2.0. For those who don't know what ATSIC was, it was a Government body that oversaw how the Australian Government decisions affection Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders. However, it was a bureaucratic gravy-train that ripped millions out the government.
It was Established under Bob Hawke in 1989 and fully implemented under Paul Keating in 1993. Both socialist (Labor Party) Prime Ministers. It was abolished in 2005 under Liberal (Conservative) Prime Minister John Howard.
Scott Morrison could do no worse but to deprive government funding from Victoria. Instead give each Victorian resident $500 per month and cut out the 'socialist middle man Andrews'.