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Bjorn and Eric the Jazzman

In my opinion the main highlight of that day/night's stream. Bjorn went from a drunken downer to meeting a presumably homeless guy who claims to have been the drummer of the Rebirth Brass Band. He gives Bjorn a sketchy but cordial tour around town and wants cash for them both to go to a Jazz and Blues jam session at a joint called "Boffa's" (maybe Buffers?), and gradually gets fed up with Bjorn's shit LOL:

Notable Time Stamps:

2:33:53 Initial Encounter

2:50:44 Bjorn points out a sleeping guy to Eric, gets a funny response

3:03:55 Eric shows Bjorn some musicians and history posted on a window

3:14:45 Bjorn says he cannot take out money from ATM

3:19:04 They share a beer

3:20:58 Rolls Royce scene