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Dreams About Ghost and the Show

I'm curious, as anyone ever had a dream about Ghost or the show for that mater? I've at least had two as of recent memory.

The first one was last night, where I dreamed that I was late to the show, so as soon as I hopped on, the the show and the forums were taken over by some weird cult group where they asked all of these weird questions. And I answered the last one not knowing much about it, and then afterwards, me and a few others didn't "pass" and the weird cult group said that they were going to "weed out the weak" And then something to do with a pit of going into it I think, can't remember all of it.

The second one that I had was a month or two, maybe three back. I dreamed that we were all going to GhostCon, and we were all on a bus and Ghost and Engi were there. And then we got off the bus at a big fancy hotel in the middle of the woods, and as we were walking through the doors, Ghost was being very strict and saying that if we weren't on the right floors, he'll kick us out. And all I can remember afterwards is that I happened to be on the wrong floor, Ghost was coming by, and I was like, "Oh shit, Ghost is coming, act like I'm supposed to be here" And somehow I did and then I woke up...

Question is what does this mean if there is any meaning to it?...