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Ep. 109 Shoutouts [BALLER FRIDAY!! - 10/18/2019]

GX you late wheelchair midget hambone.

Shoutout to Cans Abuser, Captain Hook, Jackler, Froppy, petnisss, Stinkyverse, etc.


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gunga ginga gunga ginga

“Mother I really don’t like the red soup”

“Be quiet child. We get it just once a month”


You’d think my son would be happy that daddy got him a brand new trampoline, but no, oh no

He just sits there in his wheelchair and cries like a little girl.


I finally got the courage together and called the rape help hotline. But they were really nasty. I mean, they should say in the ad that it’s for victims only!


A Chinese boy pleads with his Grandpa, “Granddad, can I have a dog? Please???!!!“

Two hours later says Grandpa, “Enjoy your meal, my boy.”


You say you are ride or die with Trump, but you’re not with him when he is one of us?


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Hitler was a Mohammadist who stated “Germany should have been Islamic, Christianity is a plague on Europe”. He directly funded Arab nationalism, and allied with the Middle East. Hamas in Palestine directly states the Nazis are their inspiration. Mein Kampf is the 6th best selling book in the Arab world. Here’s a picture of Hitler with the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hassan al-Banna.

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Cheers Ghost for doing Baller Friday. Was shocked that you have returned to YouTube. Not sure if you saw Dova Dude's post on the Forums but I do agree with his idea thought. Also Ghost, My favorite memory of you is when you & Engineer were giving away Autographs & have got both of them. It was funny to hear the Autograph wars in 2016. I'd still have those Autographs saved & Unlike the Dumb Trolls, I'd don't burn them or try to do something Nasty to them. Also there's certain Trolls that think the Engineer is fake or saying you are trying to do him but I'd know that's not the case. He's entertaining to say the least but SHOULD NOT HOST YOUR SHOW! It will be a Trainwreck to say the least but the Trolls want your show to be a trainwreck & that's why they listen to your show to make your life Miserable. It's the Truth. They don't care about your saying on Politics & whatever that's on your mind. They only care to Insult you & it's just sad.   

gx ghost, I’m pretty happy about the fact the cowboys won’t be making it to the super bowl. FTC in the chat.

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“what the fuck? dude, that’s fucking disgusting” - ghostler

Ge Exx inside the chatroom, my fellow americans.

Anyway, I have a serious issue. Ghost is pushing for freedom of Hong Kong and he's against censoring and shit, but what about ENGINEER?

Engi is being held against his will and he can't speak - just like the people of Hong Kong. FREE ENGI! FREE ENGI! FREE ENGI!

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Gx ghost! Hope you're having a wacky BALLER FRIDAY!!!!!

Plus, I made art Enjoy!!!

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Welcome back to YouTube, Ghost!



GX Ghost. Glove building has become stressful so I decided to hire an employee to help with some of the more tedious work but I'm thinking of firing him because his work ethic sucks. Thank you for another great show

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Hey ghost. Last show you were talking about vaping and im not sure if you saw it or not, but these vape death false flags were caused by fake weed and meth vapes from CHINA. But all im thinking is, you dont see any brothas dying from this.

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Vote me for Best Black at the Ghosties