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Ep. 109 Shoutouts [BALLER FRIDAY!! - 10/18/2019]

GX. We should fight the fake news media, they are doing whatever they can to take down Trump. They did it in Israel for Bibi and it worked for them. WE HAVE  TO FIGHT!

Anyways, cheers (לחיים) ghost!

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Happy baller fried egg

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Hey Ghost. Glad you're back on YouTube. Hope you watched and enjoyed the third collab.

No hard feelings, Take care.



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Water biscuits

GX, Ghost has been letting it hit the brain ever since Viet-Fucking-Nam: This illustration by me depicts a Young Ghost back in his 20's experimenting with Wacky Tabbacy for the first time.


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"faggy steam quote fillertextfillertextfillertextfillertext" My Youtube:

That after show talk with the Engineer made me depressed, ribbit.

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GX Brexit needs to happen.

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Hey ghost, once you finish shoutouts do not be a boomer cuck and stall the show with your "muh weed muh million dollar info" boomer rants. I thought you were a radio host and not some gay skeleton.

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Vote me for ghosties lol

GX... Happy baller Friday, drunkler! Now for a little Friday night malarkey! Did you hear about the landscaper who liked to carve offensive stuff into his customers' bushes? They say he was a real hegde-lord! Also, took me a trip to the "Woodshed" today, not a bad little store! Incidentally, I had no idea you also ran sports broadcasting in Pittsburgh! No wonder you're too busy for 5 days a week anymore...

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Happy Baller Friday.

Remember when we can go a whole episode without some random idiot saying the N-word?
Feels like ancient history nowadays.