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Episode 110 Shoutouts!!!

Also here’s a spoiler for what’s going to happen in 2020

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the named markplier and tomska are jewtubers

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Ghost Show Studios

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Water biscuits

GX Ghost. Here's a replica I built of the Spoon glove used in Nightmare on Elm street 5. As Freddy said in the film, "Bon Appetit, Bitch"

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Hope all is well Ghost. Yesterday was a terrible day at school. The kids of this generation have zero respect for their teachers but they are also very behind in their academics. Having a BEER with you and the Engineer.

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Gee Legs in the chalk

Here's the reason we can hear the Crotch Rockets so loud (or are they Mrs. Ghost's vibrators, who knows) - the walls are so damn thin on his trailer

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It's nice to see the new Inner Circle recruiting campaign is going well.

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"That's f***ing over the line, I think, at this point dude" ~ Best thing Ghost has ever said about me.


Hey Ghost, Sorry if my post from Friday was long but I was trying to explain to you why the Trolls keep being Jerks to you but I'll explain that another time & to the Trolls who Disliked the post from Friday, FUCK YOU!!! Also Ghost, I'd think GenoX1987 is a DUMB IDIOT. He's on the Shit List as far as I'm concerned. 

  1. gx ghost, shoutout to your wife’s boyfriends.
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dismiss this life, worship death

GX sup Ghost