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Episode 110 Shoutouts!!!

GX i drew art of The Vice Chairman

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GX... Happy Carpet Munchin' Monday! Related to my last Friday post, yes, "Unkel Joe's Woodshed" is a real place, look it up... Also, why did the medical examiner visit a massage parlor after performing a midget's autopsy? He was feeling a little stiff! Finally, heard from the troll show that you enjoy some fine spamposting, so here ya go! Apparently the third one is real, so yeah...

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I think I might start posting my favorite InstaThots on the Forums.

Anime girls can be pretty hot but I prefer the real thing.

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The Germans have always been the cause of Europe’s woes. It was the Germanic Frankish barbarians that overthrew the Romans and brought on the Dark Ages, it was the mediaeval Goths that allowed Jews to commit usury solely against Christians, it was the northern Holy Roman Empire’s abuse of Church powers that caused Martin Luther of Saxony to form a fundamentalist branch of Christianity known as Protestantism that tried to bring back the Dark Ages, it was Prussian excess that encouraged both Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels to create Communist ideology, it was the Germans who caused a Yugoslav ethnic pissing contest to turn into WW1 and rejected all peace talks during the July Crisis, it was German warcrimes and expansionism to the east during the 1890s-1910s that caused the Red revolution in Russia, it was the Nazis who funded and helped create Muslim Nationalism from which all terrorist groups descend, and to this day it is the Germans who strongarm the EU at every turn to enforce ‘multiculturalism’ in Europe.

a unified Germany is too dangerous to allow to exist.


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Happy carpet munchin' Monday EX.



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gunga ginga gunga ginga

GX, Happy carpet munchin' Monday Ghost! And I hope that these trolls leave you alone on this day)

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As your Corsair i169 sex bot I come with all the toys you could possibly need.

Pic below shows exactly what Ghost has, he cooms too much.

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I always knew you were a part of the "Kool Kids Klan" Oldman! The Brothers at the TriHard Legion and the ones at Dobson North Carolina salute you mah man! CHEERS!!

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Hey Ghost this probably a trip down memory lane, I found a photo of the first inner circle meet up.

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