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Episode 111 Shoutouts

What the fuck Canada

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Hey Ghost, shoutouts to the new IC member, GX. Also a reminder that redhead women are god tier.

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Cheers and GX!

GX, I wanted to show you a couple Virgin vs. Chad memes related to a horrible Canada election night. Cheers!

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gunga ginga gunga ginga

GX Ghost I'm exposing your president

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Image result for coomer

GX. Here is a suggestion for a movie for the SNTS - we need  to talk about sandy hook.

Also, WTF is going on with this fucked up world.

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Hey ghost. Guess who it is! Isn't Ghost Chan cute?

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gx ghost, trump is a zionist shill.

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“what the fuck? dude, that’s fucking disgusting” - ghostler