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Episode 111 Shoutouts

Gx, @Ghost, Here’s a couple more gold investments I have made:

1999 Canadian Maple Leaf and 1780 Spainish 8 Reale Piece.


Fun fact: The US Revolutionary war broke the Royal Bank Of England. After coming out on the loosing end of the war, George III found his treasury and bank quite empty. To compensate for the lack of British Gold And Silver coinage in the vaults of the Royal Treasury and Bank of England, George III had the bank counter stamp his face onto Spanish Gold and silver coins  that the bank had been holding for bullion value. This mobe was met with derision by the British people, and an anonymous British poet coined the phrase:

“The Bank, to make it’s Spanish Dollars Pass, stamped the head of a fool (George III) On the neck of an ass (Carlous III of Spain)”


The Spanish currency also circulated widely in the early American republic. The first US silver dollars (Flowing Hair Liberty Type) weren’t issued until 1792 and no American gold currency existed until 1796 (Capped Bust Type, $2.50 Face value).

So, here are an 8 Reale Piece From 1780 and a lovely Canadian Maple Leaf Coin from 1999.

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Gx ghost hopefully yo day is goin well my nigga

Yea I am black  and ghost you know I get bitches  I just find these cursed images and post em here plus I dont even like anime some of that stuff is lowkey turning some niggas into betas so I dont fuck with jt

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Hey Ghost.

What do you think about this guy, and his name?

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Hello stranger...

GX Phoque nay grass

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Just a three-eyed fish.

Ge Ex din da dchat

Look straight in the middle of this gif for 5 seconds and then look at the wall next to your PC. Freaky right?

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Sup Ghost.

Just to clarify I’m not one of those people that fetishized cartoon/anime. So don’t come at me with this false accusation that I’m one of “those“ groups. I’m just a fan and also a married man

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GX Ghost thought you’d find these interesting

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GX     Howdy Ghost, I've been a fan since 2011                                             Can you do a Radio Graffiti in your tub for the fruitbowls and bronyfaqs? 🛀Oh myyyyy

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Ghostin Trudeau Part 2 :^)

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