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Type "CAP" to ban CAPTAIN DECI



Dude just fuck off. the CAP meme is old now and its annoying. you look fuckign desperate and retarded when you spam this shit.

This shit has been going on for so long that for a second I had to go back in my brain and remember who Deci was. I think its time to put this to bed.

Water biscuits

You’re just using a dead meme.

Not funny Didn’t laugh.

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Captain Autism

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Not sure if trolling or you're actually fucking retarded, ribbit.


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How about Type CAP to ban Captain Autism instead? Besides Deci is a pretty cool guy anyway.

You too Froppy

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Type CAP to permanently ban Captain Autism.


See I can do it too, Autism. You're not funny, you are cringe. I don't even want to be a fucking Captain anymore because of you. Everything you touch turns to shit Autism. Get a fucking life, get the far fuck away from this community. No one likes you. You Nazi loving shithead.

this isn't the beginning of 2019 anymore, and besides, Deci's been nothing but cool with us. we've had great conversations with him, you on the other hand... dead trolls ring dead memes, though I do have to agree with what Admiral has said. Type CAP to Promote Captain Deci and Ban Captain Autism.