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YouTube or Vaughn


So which is better? Me personally I like because of the freedom where ghost can say anything/ do anything without getting banned (besides smoking pot). If ghost goes back to YouTube we won't have the freedom on the show and chat plus most likely ghost will get a strike or get banned because of how liberal YouTube is, its just better for Ghost to stay on Vaughn and not deal with the bullshit on YouTube.

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vaughn for sure, its not like you can't watch that either, its like the people on youtube just stayed there and acted like they didn't watch him on vaughn

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Actually, KeemScarce he is allowed to smoke pot, all the issues on that front was lifted a few days ago - and the people that stayed on YouTube I don't think they "acted like they didn't watch him on vaughn" there was a lot of people that watched via the relays because Vaughn doesn't work for everyone, it's a good website, but sometimes it has so many issues that youtube doesn't have, agreed that YouTube is a lot more nazi about rules and such, but Vaughn does have it's fair share of issues.

I like YouTube because it's better quality, but I like Vaughn because it's freedom. But let's be honest - regardless of where he hosts his show, we're gonna watch lol

I like for its principles and looser censures,  in addition to it being alt-tech.

It doesn't ever load on my mobile though.   Youtube does and is better quality.  Of course,  this comes with censorship.

I'll go with youtube only because its easier to listen in.

Why not both?

Do Monday and Wednesday shows on Youtube.

Friday and Saturday on Vaughn.

It'll be good for both parties really.

When Ghost is on Vaughn, I rely on the relays to view the show, so I'm glad to see the return to YT. Relay viewers can't watch half the $18.66ers anyway because they have to be blacked out.

If it is not for the Bandwidth Problems, then Vaughn is the superior streaming service because they support Freedom of Speech while on YouTube, you would get suspended or banned completely just for saying a few particular words. Besides, its good to support alternatives to Silicon Valley like for social media, I recommemd MeWe or for uploading videos, Bitchute!

Blog Talk Radio (BTR). At least the site was able to handle Ghost's show. I mean that site is his origin., fuck JewTube. It makes Ghost have to be a pussy and not say certain words or else...THIS IS GHOST...DON'T HOLD BACK...

I would personally have him broadcast on to be Honest but after what Dova Dude said on another post, I'd would have to agree with him! Have Monday & Wednesday on YouTube & Friday-Saturday on