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8cham comes back September-October 2019

Following the shooting of El Paso. 8cham has been shut down because CloudFlare's IPO forced them to drop several sites. Fredrick Brennan, the former CEO of 8cham, went on CNN to air his distress against the sites existence. The acting CEO Jim Watkins posted a video talking about how he felt bad about the damages the El Paso shootings have had on victims and their families. Recently, however, there was a post from Ron that 8cham will be legally allowed back online as soon as September 5th.

The link to that post is here:

What I ask of Ghost.Report Forum is what do you think will change in the re-release of 8cham. That is implying that 8cham comes back online.

Here are my predictions

-8cham will keep the "Create your own board" function because the shooters friends only posted on one board in particular, /pol/

-8cham's /pone/ or /mlp/ boards would be heavily moderated and become an extended Hasbro platform just like on 4chan.

-8cham's /pol/ board will have far heavier protection. Every posters IP will be traced back or their MAC address will be used for ID-ing, banning, or real life intervening. Some posters may stay on 4chan even though not a single VPN worked on 4chan since 2011.

-8cham will receive government funding to create a phone verification program. Every poster will have to log in with phone verification like on Facebook and Twitter.

-8cham's less populated boards would become infested with shills like in the /DoctorWho/ forum where BBC Inc. Bots spammed 750 post threads for ONE episode of Doctor Who.

and finally..

-4chan will need to compete harder with 8cham by slowing down thread pruning speed. Whenever I make a good post on 4chan, it drops faster than a cat off a 7th floor balcony. 8cham will still have the high-quality lengthy multi-paragraph discussion threads it once had, but under the watchful eyes of several American agencies and far sketchier Pinkertons.

I write 8chan as 8cham because that's how Hotwheels said it in his interview with Erin Burnett


If I didn't cover something with my predictions, what do you think will happen when 8cham comes back this September or October? Do you believe we could see 8cham come back at all? Will 4chan lift thier ban on VPNs and instead put time restraints on posts? Will 8cham become the next Tumblr with porn companies filling up boards with 750 post threads?


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Thoughts on your predictions
1. Yeah the create your board inflates the owners site statics so it's staying. no. I don't know much about 4ch but no way is Hasbro even going to try fucking with 8ch.
3. 8ch already kept tabs on users IPs. Previously vpn and tor worked depending on the board but I bet that option is going to be taken away completely.
4. Never would happen. It would kill the site and therefore be worthless for the 3 letter agencies.
5. Any board will be flooded by edgy new users, bots, advertisers etc.
6. 4ch won't change at all. It doesn't even compete for the same users. 4ch has stayed popular due to it's insane post count. It's constant content that gives dopamine hits to users who just want the next hot meme. 8ch glowed in the dark before the shootings it'll be brighter than the sun if it comes back.

I was sure 8ch would be brought back online after the senate hearings as a useful tool for 3 letter agencies, but now the Philippines Gov is putting pressure on it's owner and those associated with him.