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Aussie News Thread

Hey cunts,

This will be an ongoing thread that I'll update with aussie news. There'll be plenty on our current drought, bushfire situation and political news.

I'll attempt to post sources and screencaps, videos and the like as appropriate.


Cheers ya good cunts!

Here is something to start with. There is currently a bushfire burning in NSW, near Tenterfield. The Rural Fire Service is calling it the "Bees Nest" fire. Here is a look at the size of the cunt, superimposed over Sydney. Fucking HUGE fire. It's already claimed several properties and one RFS volunteer firefighter has been badly burnt during a flashover in his vehicle.

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There have been arrests in Sydney today of a bunch of women in a child care subsidy rort. These fucking women were responsible for ripping off up to 3.8 million dollars from taxpayers.

Local farmers in Straya have had the arse torn out of them by this drought. The poor bastards have had it that rough that many of them are looking overseas for interim work to make ends meet, while their cattle and livestock die of starvation.

Meanwhile, it's getting close to the end of winter and it's beginning to warm up.

Water is already scarce and in the recent fires in South-east Queensland, as well as Tenterfield in NSW - water has been unavailable for firefighting. This in combination with high levels of dry fuel load means that we are in uncharted fire territory this summer.


Here is a link related to the last post, it relates to the lack of water for firefighting in rural towns.

Hey cunts,

The drought situation is getting worse. Narromine, Cobar and more importantly, Dubbo are about to run out of water.

Dubbo has a significant population and these poor cunts will need to go somewhere.

I actually find this stuff interesting, we don't hear anything about Australia in America.

Hey cunts, here is a short facebook video from 9 news about how the drought is affecting Tenterfield.

Gday Cunts,

Relief may finally be on the way for farmers fighting the drought!

I live in a coastal area and I can say it's absolutely torrential rain here at present. I hope it fucks off further west where they need it!!

No one cares about your abo ridden country.