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Bernie Sanders wrote rape fetish fanfics in the 1970's!

How come none of these "#MeToo" Feminist Leftists ever call out Bernie Sanders on his rape fantasy fanfic stories he use to write in the 1970's? How come Uncle Bernie gets a pass from Democrats/Liberals on this? Is this what he means by "Feel the Bern?"

The next time some Feminist and/or soy-boy Leftist talk about Donald Trump being a "sexist," remind them the Bernie Sanders condones rape and fantasizes about it. Even the Liberal New York Times wrote about it in 2015!

Now hang on, Trump gets bashed for locker room talk but this is okay? Hell, he's implying that men are in to the fantasy of a 12 year old girl getting gang banged. That's way more fucked than anything Trump has ever said.

The fact he thinks men fantasize over this speaks to his own thoughts and feelings.

Woah Bernie's preety based after all

Looks like Bernie over here is a part of the I Like To Write Nice Stowies gang

I remember you covering this on TCR. I'll have to bring this up around moderates if Bernies shows any traction in the polls.