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Bitchute dead?

The Bitchute account is behind a few episodes now, is that service being ditched? I've been watching the relay archives but I'd rather have the uncensored versions.

The only time my relay is censored is when I have to mute any audio for it to not be blocked worldwide, but other than that, it's relatively fine. Even when anything concerning shows up on screen, never censored (or at least, thus far.)

I believe he stopped giving a shit after people started doing relays.
Not a lot of people were watching those bitchute videos anyway.
But sub to Jackler, CansAbuser, DMMG, Steven Stinkyverse and the Ghost Show Relay channel on Youtube.

Usually if they censor the stream, the original video is set to unlisted. So if you go to the video during the live broadcast, it'll be in your browser history.

I have been using the YouTube relays, I just normally listen to Ghost while doing other things so it throws me off a bit when suddenly the audio cuts out. I'll just have to deal, I appreciate you all that do the relays.

lightning note is a great channel to sub to for full unedited shoutouts/rg

Well fuck. It was the only way for me to get any episodes uncensored and with a good quality. Ghost, please upload there again. I'm a VODfag(never watch it live because I HAVE TO WORK TO PAY THE BILLS AND LIVE WELL)