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Coltin Lockert Was Framed

CelticBrony is not Coltin Lockert. Coltin aka Piejue was an old Xbox live friend of CelticBronies and when the NCF DMCA'd CelticBronies videos he put Coltin Lockert's dox in the counter-claim so the NCF wouldn't know who he really was. CelticBrony only went along with it because he was living with his granny at the time who was on an oxygen tank and he didn't want trolls to know his real dox and troll his granny.  CelticBrony didn't realize how far things would go with Colton Lockert. The calls,  the pizzas, the trolling. And CelticBrony was framed for hacking Ghost's twitter. CelticBrony did not hack Ghost's twitter. And the IP from tinychat was pulled by HoodCHacker. Hambone. CelticBrony was drunk when he decided to delete his YouTube channel to save his granny. CelticBrony didn't like the clopping manchildren role-playing bronies who to him are corrupt minded, thus he quit being a briny because everyone one day is subjected to corruption in something supposedly innocent. CelticBrony only has the name with brony because that's what he was known as infamously on radio graffiti. The remixer and audio splicer now lives in his apartment in Edmonton and his name is Evan. He quit trolling for many years now and tries to be Christian. He still is seen hanging around and listening to The Ghost Show. CelticBrony was troubled with problems that he got treatment for and is now stable.


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Timestamp you greasy neckbeard faggot.

I recall Ghost's IP that was pulled from Tinychat showing he was in San Antonio while he was claiming he was living in Austin. I also recall one that got grabbed showing he was in California.

Do you believe that Jason DeLeon was Ghost, or just the owner of the rental house?