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Elizabeth Warren And Healthcare.

One of the policies Elizabeth Warren has been quiet on during her DNC 2020 run for President has been Healthcare. I explain in my latest blog that Warren could be using Healthcare as a means of profit for her and her family. Check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks!


Why is this fake native American aka. fraud still running for president?

I'm amazed that this woman has any traction whatsoever. Someone on my campus tried to start an Elizabeth Warren club, I shit you not. I don't believe anyone joined, to the surprise of nobody.

I think E.W is way passed her prime. No one has honestly given a rat's ass about her since Occupy Wall Street. However  a politician using public office to fill their own pockets imagine my shock. But if for some strange reason she goes further in the primaries this may be some good dirt to spread around and cause infighting.