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Episode 100 Ghost Doesn't Show- Shamefur Dispray

Shall we execute him?
Yes! We will let a snake crawl up his anus and devour him from the inside.

Your thoughts, comrades? Shall we execute him for his burgeois work ethic?

Ghost can fuck himself

This night was a mistake.

Ight imma head out.

gunga ginga gunga ginga

Not surprised consider the fact that Ghost DID A 8 HOUR SHOW ON THE TROLL SHOW SATURDAY! Did you think he was going to show up after doing that & not to mention having people listen it on the archives on bitchute & ready to listen to Ghost tonight? HELL NO! So all you people that are unhappy that he didn't show up tonight, SCREW YOU!

It is all DanTheOracle's fault...

Quote from petisss on September 17, 2019, 4:49 am

It is all DanTheOracle's fault...

Maybe to you but it TROLLS LIKE YOU that caused him to due the stunt that he pulled on the TROLL SHOW. If you people weren't talking crap to him, maybe this wouldn't have happened. Also I'd did leave Dan a message on his Bitchute account tonight because he has posted a duplicate version Of Ghost's Troll show from Saturday calling it a epic show due to him doing the stunt. Anyway's I'd gave him a warning about what will happen after he continues to do that but not sure if he'll take that seriously or not. I'd do like his videos because they are interesting to say the least but what he did on the Troll show was messed up. I'd of course could not care less about it because I don't want to cause chaos either in the Chat Room or in the Forums. Just saying what I'd think about the situation. I'd know there are people on here who don't want to hear the reality of the situation but this is what's happening. Besides, I'm not done listening to his Troll show yet from Saturday but as of now, I'm hearing what Ghost is saying about Dan & the Trolls right now.

Dude, calm down.

Ghost was just tired out from the SNTS (he did do an eight-hour show), and he decided to take Monday off to rest. He'll be back Wednesday as far as anyone's concerned.

And Dan is most likely a failtroll, and Ghost will most likely do something about him.

Don't ask who Joe is

Snake Ghost

Quote from Bathrobe_Dwane on September 17, 2019, 12:13 pm

Snake Ghost

Yeah that's you want up your ass


Don't ask who Joe is