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Ghost's Political Logic

Ghost believes that socialism is going to destroy the United States but he has said several tiems that there is nothing wrong with helping people, even though that very same help is labeled as "socialist communism". Ghost says that we could be helping people but at the same time believes it's bad.


Because there's a difference between choosing to help people and forcing someone to help people.

The issue is when you force people against their will to "share" finances, properties, nature assets etc...

People have, and are always going to exploit rules and laws to gain monetary gains. This is why Europe is being consumed by foreigners who exploit social securities and welfare systems to cash in as much money as humanly possible, and not leaving the house or contribute to society or the host nation you are exploiting.


Honestly,  I think Ghost vaguely touches on politics these days because his brain has atrophied so badly from handling retards. He won't debate anyone and quickly began lines of questioning into people's personal life.


His political views were contradictory. "Pussification of American males" and believing in social, and economic libertarian ideas when it suits him, otherwise believing in nothing but neo-con ideas. Pro-Intervention into Syria, government subsides in private companies and produce, and other bureaucratic programs seems to be his beliefs. Basically crony-capitalism where government limits everyone but their buddies.

His political knowledge is on the level of some 85 year old geezer who is an invalid watching nothing but Fox News, yet refuses to give up welfare he lives off of while calling for government to be cut.