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Houthi Bombing of Saudi Arabia

This is an event that frankly I don't think people are paying enough attention to. Despite inflammatory culture war rhetoric the US generally does not intervene militarily in the middle east unless its economic interests (or the economic interests of allies) is threatened. Now Brent Crude just spiked the sharpest in its history. This time it may really mean business because that exact thing just happened.

Iran is getting blamed for this and to outsiders there's a degree of chronic skepticism owing to the lingering war fatigue of the Bush years. There are a ton of neocons in the state department, that's just kind of a consequence of being a republican president and the isolationist Trump has had his fair share of tête-à-tête's with them. But could they be right this time? I don't even know.

To me I really wish they'd release more details about this attack. A "drone" could be anything from a rinkydink DJI toy with C4 strapped to it, or it could be some stolen military grade shit requiring experienced operators.

Either way I think we can expect the US to escalate the situation in some form by the end of the week.