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How bout them Cowboys?


The cowboys offense looks great! All receivers seem to have a connection with Dak; Elliot showed that he's worth the money. My only critique of the Cowboys is the defense; its not as bad as last year, but still a but venerable. As long a the offense can score on most possessions, they can offset a few scores getting passed the defense. This game proves it!

Cheers to a new football season!


That’s you in the middle.

Remember when he blocked that kick?

Week 2 and the Cowboys are still kicking ass. This time with heated rival Washington Redskins. As I said in the first post, the secondary of the Cowboys may still be a bit weak; but the all offensive tools available will offset this weakness. Check out the highlights! Cowboys 2 and 0!

UrinatingTree's gonna have to have a word with you, Ghostler.

gunga ginga gunga ginga

A Cowboy's football season is much like an episode of Ghost Show.  It begins with so much promise and is decent in the first half...but by the second half it becomes embarrassingly disappointing  and the star ends up crying, blaming the fans, and finds himself in a wheelchair.

Week 3 and another Cowboys victory! We're going all the way this year baby! Whoooo!

Screw all you haters!

...Cowboys still suck tho.

The Las Vegas Raiders has potential in comparison to your shit team, Ghostler.

gunga ginga gunga ginga

These god damn Cowboys! They lost to a rebuilding Green Bay Packers; fucking pisses me off!

Cowboys played like they all had gonorrhea!

Horrible display by the cowgirls this week while the eagles completely blasted the jets bragging rights this week go to philly since they beat the packers