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Just checking how much of a liberal hellhole Toronto is (LGBT vs Christians)

Today, I caught news of a counter-protest taking place in Toronto against an unnamed group provided by the news, other than being "anti-LGBT Christians." Even the mayor joined in on this. It's like they just want us to trust their description and roll with it. I wasn't about to trust them, given how they've labelled an unnamed group as far-right, but by looking them up, they seemed fairly moderate.

Took me several Google searches but within about a couple minutes, I found out which group they're supposed to counter-protest against. It's this:

So they claim that they're not anti-LGBT nor a hate group. They've even welcomed members in who were formerly in the LGBT groups. But those are just words that anyone can say. I thought looking up his actions could be more representative of his group. Unfortunately, only two categories of uploaders dominated the YouTube searches. News groups that omit the things he said, but rather show confrontation with crowds, and the Christian group itself, which I'm sure would omit anything unfavorable. I went with the 100+ minute video leading up to his arrest earlier this year for disturbing the peace uploaded by the Christian group.

You know, what I hear about a pastor preaching on the street, I expect to see some angry man spewing insults, verbally assaulting at basically anyone passing by. This video of the pastor preaching defied that expectation.

Surely enough, he was at an intersection within Toronto's unofficial LGBT turf. Sure, I can give him some edgy points for that, but keep in mind that his group claims their members have been harassed by the LGBT to abandon their faith. He went on to embrace the diversity of Toronto, praising the diversity of opinions, religions, sexualities, and so on. None of these words seemed to make sense to the crowd though. See pastor on street, see red. While the pastor himself was being pushed around by an angry crowd, he did get a little louder, and still ended up being the one arrested.

To try and gain the perspective from the counter-protests (LGBT side), I shared my observations on Twitter and Reddit, and asked if I missed something actually hateful the pastor or his group did. Reddit was busy voting my post out of visibility, while the two that replied provided no new substance. I learned nothing new from Twitter replies either.

Right now, these counter-protests seem to be a huge case of "he said, she said" or just plain liberal hypocrisy. After all, they were all about love and tolerance, but perhaps not from a pastor. It's also the art of discussion could soon turn out to be a lost art. In fact, one of the benefits of free speech is when ideas clash, people need to be able to rationally defend their points, provoking thought on why they believe the things they do. It just echoes like an echo chamber, just like how the social media giants have been managing their platforms.

Despite how much I was looking forward to getting a solid answer to my questions, I'm as surprised as finding the presence of acetoacetate (ketones) on a urinalysis reagent strip.

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If I went to the 'hood in Dearborn and screamed into a bullhorn about how Black Muslims are a bunch of "pork-averse niggers", I'd be lucky to make it out alive to even end up on the news.

So it looks to me like some pastor goes in the heart of the gay village uninvited and pretty much denigrates them and then pulls this jedi mind trick of claiming that anyone with a problem with this hates christians. Which is a very irritating MO of entitled narcissists who want to control every aspect of your life.

The only part of this story I find irritating is what pussies gay people are compared to black people.