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Last night's Democrat Debate was a pathetic joke!

From Joe Biden looking like a senile old fool, to Andrew Yang giving away money like a like a "Chinese Poker" dealer, the 3rd Democrat Presidential Debate was an embarrassment to the American political system. Julian Castro thought he had a "gotcha moment" because of his Barack Obama regurgitation of "if you like you Healthcare plan, you can keep your Healthcare plan."

Of course, the main buzzwords from the recent Democrat debate were "muh racism" and "Donald Trump." If this is the substance the Democrats are running on, then Trump has this 2020 presidential election won. America wants Washington D.C. to do their jobs, not act like petulant children yelling and pointing at each other on the playground! The American Left is a bad macabre joke!

Even if you're a democrat (general "you") you really have to look at this wasteland of candidates and shake your head in resignation that Trump is going to win another term no matter what they do or vote for.

Who's the frontrunner again, Biden? He's a senile lobotomy patient. Bernie looks and sounds like he escaped from the asylum. Warren, MAYBE, but I only say that because of her crossover appeal with Tucker Carlson fans. Buttigieg is basically Democrat Kasich. Don't even remember the rest of their names.

This should scare the crap out of people.
Forget left, right, democrat and republican.
Forget your political views for a second and look at this.
These freak-shows are in charge of something.