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Loot boxes and gambling

Recently, Runescape's developing company Jagex was called into parliament to defend their use of microtransactions in their game and if it is addictive

I know it's >Reddit and all but direct transcripts are right there. There's a disturbing part about a father that had to use his life's savings to bail out his son that was 5 figures worth of pounds in debt from microtransactions in-game (there is no way for Jagex to disable the purchase of microtransactions without also disabling . The Jagex representatives then tried to say that their game isn't addictive. Fucking LOL.

Should loot boxes be regulated under gambling laws as hinted by parliament? Should there be limits lower than the absurd 5,000 pounds a month limit for spending that Runescape has?

Lootboxes are Gambling. Addressed to steal money from the weak minded and children.

Check out the predatory practices of NBA 2k20. They even made a trailer to promote gambling in the game.