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Meanwhile in Hong Kong...

It brings tears to my eyes to witness these Hong Kong protesters fighting the Communist government of China in the name of Freedom! Meanwhile, many ungrateful American People take Freedom for granted.

Look at how the Hong Kong protesters are taking protesting to the next level. Whereas American protests are nothing more than festivals of nothingness and the bizarre.

Meanwhile, the majority of the western civilization are busy bitching about LGBTQ rights, gun violence and Trump's policies.
It's laughable, but in a sad way.
Because like you've said so many times on the show, more than 80% of the world lives on less than $2/day. Meanwhile, us Americans are focusing on whether or not there are 72+ genders or 76+ genders.
We need a 3rd world war, man. At this point, we really deserve it. And I think it'd be good for us.
Push us out of our stupid safe spaces and out in the streets, a.k.a reality!

Don’t forget the uighurs they have same problems with hong kong