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NFL Picks Week 2

Here are my picks for week 2 for the NFL:

Ravens beat Cardinals

Packers beat Vikings

Jaguars beat Texans

Titans beat Colts

Chargers beat Lions

Patriots beat Dolphins

Giants beat Bills

Seahawks beat Steelers

Cowboys beat Redskins

Chiefs beat Raiders

Rams beat Saints

Broncos beat Bears

Falcons beat Eagles

Browns beat Jets

These picks were given to me by Fat Tuna himself. Cheers!


Quote from ghostreport on September 13, 2019, 11:21 pm

Jaguars beat Texans

Well, Ghost is right about one thing, Jaguars'll eat the Texans the same way they eat other animals. Though I am concerned about the New JERSEY Jets' chances of getting anywhere at all.

The Saints are headed to Ram Ranch LA.


Let's go Jacksonville Jaguars.

Results of my NFL week 2 picks (courtesy of Fat Tuna)

Ravens beat Cardinals - W

Packers beat Vikings - W

Jaguars beat Texans - L (but a win if you played the spread)

Titans beat Colts - L (but win if you played the spread)

Chargers beat Lions - L

Patriots beat Dolphins - W

Giants beat Bills - L

Seahawks beat Steelers - W

Cowboys beat Redskins - W

Chiefs beat Raiders - W

Rams beat Saints - W

Broncos beat Bears - L

Falcons beat Eagles - (Not Yet Played)

Browns beat Jets - (Not Yet Played)

Not bad picks if I don't say so myself. Mind you, its only week 2. Pick wins (W) should be more frequent as the season progresses and teams settle into the season. Cheers!