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Proof of Stake Coin Yields

So, the thread here about QTUM has me wondering: does anyone have experience with staking coins, have you made good dividends with it? I've never done it before but did mine some zcash back when I was at a dorm ("free" electricity and all), and I think the concept is interesting.

Here is a QTUM staking calculator. It will give you a general "ball-park" figure of what you could make staking. But from my and IC's experiences, the stake payments are a bit higher than the staking calculator estimates (depends on how many wallets are staking at a given time). As you can see, QTUM stake payments give better returns than many dividend stocks.

I've been staking since march and I was consistently staking 3 to 4 QTUM coins at the end of each month but for the last couple months I haven't got any new stakes. Has this happened to anyone as well?