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Robert "beto" O'Rourke is going after your 2nd Amendment.

In the most recent Democrat presidential debates, Robert "Beto" O'Rourke arrogantly came out publicly and said "Hell yes, we're going after your AR-15..." If this is the Democrat's policy on the 2nd Amendment, doesn't this set a "Gestapo-like" precedent that could extend beyond forced gun confiscation?

Moreover, wasn't the 2nd Amendment put into the Constitution to prevent the type of government tyranny that Beto is advocating? When a Texas representative responded on Twitter to Beto's threat on the 2nd Amendment, and Beto cried "death threat!"

Beto sounds a bit Beta when confronted on his totalitarianism. But what does O'Rourke expect when he threatens law-abiding, taxpaying American citizens to raid their homes and confiscate their Constitutionally protected arms?

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The left doesn't seem to understand why the 2nd Amendment exists. The Revolutionary War pretty much started due to the British attempting to confiscate guns from the colonists in and around Boston to disarm them so they didn't have any way to truly revolt against them. During said attempt at confiscation, the first shots were fired between us and the British. Had they succeeded in taking the guns, 1776 would've never happened. The 2nd Amendment is there to stop this shit from happening again. It will happen again if they go around attempting to confiscate guns. They don't realize that people will die on both sides, confiscators and the gun owners themselves. It has potential to spark a second civil war of sorts, or at the least multiple skirmishes around the country. It's insanity to try and take guns, if they had more than 4 brain cells they'd just try to stop public sale of the AR-15. I'm 100% against that idea, but that wouldn't end up anywhere close to as bloody.

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