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Should there be a Saturday Night Troll Show?

Should there be a Saturday Night Troll Show this Saturday?
Hell Yeah!
Fuck you!

Talk about what you did back in the day.
I mean whats the deal with SNTS

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Ghost, if you do not do a show, I'll have to listen to something crappy like coast to coast am.

Only if you feel like it brother, don't force it, it's gonna suck if you do.

Quote from MikamiTeru on September 6, 2019, 6:28 am

Only if you talk about anime and video games, you know, the things people actually care about.

You're just begging for him not to come back right now, dude.
Be a bit more strategic.
Basic trolling 101: Butter him up with kindness until he takes your bait. Then you bite!

I’ll make sure to donate a real spicy donation if he has a show then.

If you do decide to do a SNTS we should stream a movie or somethin'.

"A shark on whiskey is mighty risky. A fish on a beer engineer." -Space Ghost

Please do a show ghost, What I would like to hear is some advice you have for first time Home Buyers. I've had some circumstances come up where I have a perfect opportunity to purchase a very nice home for a under $35K and would like to hear if you have any advice.

If that's what everyone wants, then go ahead and do it. Just take this advice: Don't watch the donated YouTube links.

Not even we want to see a snake in the ass again.


I said it before and i'll say it again... pls talk about Vietnam (your experience in that war)

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Okay i'll admit it i fucking hate NI-

OK, despite the fact that that first user who responded got banned, I have to say that made my night. Good job my man! Cheers!