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Should there be a Saturday Night Troll Show?

Should there be a Saturday Night Troll Show this Saturday?
Hell Yeah!
Fuck you!

You're a liar ghost! anything%=0%

Ghostler looked disgusting before SNTS, 69% = 100% no-show protruding, very very disrespectful!

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I'd like to change my vote to "Fuck you!"

Same, I hope there's a show tonight

Quote from Deleted user on September 6, 2019, 2:38 am

Things I'd like to hear on the SNTS:

  • Lurid, drawn-out descriptions of homosexual behavior that you totally don't engage in.
  • How you outlived Mrs. Ghost's attempt to poison you with spaghetti.
  • An explanation of your religion and in particular the trinity of the Wheelchair God, the Ghostler and the Electric Motor.


  • Is clearly a closet homosexual who says suspect shit on the regular
  • Randomly bans dissenters out of his chatroom
  • Threatens to shut down relayers

He's literally the white LowTierGod.