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The Decentralized Internet

With the clearnet becoming increasingly deanonymized and policed, the future of on-line free speech depends on decentralized networks and ecosystems. Ghost has touched upon this topic in the past and I think it definitely warrants discussion, especially in the wake of all that has happened regarding 8chan. I've tried a few of the decentralized projects that are available and am willing to give my opinions on each.

The ZeroNet ( project has really gained in popularity with 8chan's closing and I've used it off-and-on in the past. It's a peer-to-peer network for websites that seems to work quite well aside from the occasional glitch, but you definitely need to use it in conjunction with Tor to maintain anonymity. Its source code is all publicly available which is good for transparency.

I've also tried the I2P ( project and, while functional, it seems a lot less active as a whole than ZeroNet these days. It also was slow when I last used it. Very slow. Even slower than old-school Tor slow. However, to its credit, I2P provides better anonymity by default than does ZeroNet. And, like ZeroNet, its source code is publicly available.

One other project that I use, but hear very little about otherwise, is the Utopia ( project. It's a very intriguing project that seeks to combine instant messaging, mailing, file sharing, and cryptocurrency capabilities all within its own peer-to-peer network. The downside is that there are a fair number of unknowns in regards to the project. For example, the group behind its creation prefers to remain anonymous and the project is closed source. However, if you don't find that too off-putting, it's probably my current favorite among the decentralized options.

Have any of you tried any decentralized projects? If so, what were your experiences like?

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I've heard about p2p networks and filesharing. I think the future for the free internet is heading in that direction. The problem is, is that these platforms will be (most likely by force) cut off from the "clearnet" and designated to obscure corners like .onion sites. Which will lead to them being predominately filled by disgruntled autists who were banned or shunned from social medias, edgelords and people partaking in illegal shit. So basically the normal people who just want to be left alone and not fucked with will have to hang out with the weirdo faggots. On the bright side, once enough people move to these decentralized, anonymous platforms there is no one who can fuck with their right to free speech.

I've used Tox ( a bit. It's Discord, but without the spying, selling data and furry cub fetishists. It's decentralized, encrypted and free.