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The King on Con: World's greatest gamer is a fraud. Billy Mitchell cheated

The King of Kong (Donkey Kong) turns out to be the King of Con as evidence shows Billy Mitchell's highest scores in Donkey Kong were fraudulent. Analysing the tape showed that he was infact using MAME aka Arcade Emulation to get his high scores. As well as possibly splicing video together to penetrate the highest ranks of [retro] gaming high scores for nearly 4 decades. He was once named the greatest gamer of the century.

Billy Mitchell is being a poor Sport and is now sueing Twin Galaxies and everyone he can in some bizzaro Desperado attempt to regain his former game.

Man I bet he got laid pretty good in the 80's too from his gamer game.

game = fame. Typo from autocorrect on my phone. I can't believe fame isn't in my phone's dictionary.

Correction, he has faked scores since ~2005, not 4 decades. My apologies.

This video describes in detail the differences between many MAME versions and real hardware and where Billy Mitchell's recordings fit in there. Everything points to him cheating as true. ~30 minutes.